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This non-aromatic fine rice variety is one of our favourites. We like it with our fish, the spicier the better. We have kept it simple with kajri maach tempered with our very own nigella seeds, and some fresh green chillies. 

about the rice

Rupshal as the name suggests is quite a looker. The grains are slender, lending a pearly-white appearance and texture to the final product. When cooked just right, it retains a good bite with a mellow mouth-feel.


flavour slightly earthy, vegetal



the uncooked grains are medium, fine and slender 


store this rice in air-tight containers with lids in a cool place away from moisture


absorption method
time 12-15 minutes

what you can cook with it

Both the texture and flavor of Rupshal make it a versatile table rice variety. Pair it with any spicy vegetable or non-vegetable dish, like we have here.



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin West Bengal
processing siddha (parboiled)


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