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Shatia - Red Rice

Shatia - Red Rice

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We love our Shatia with meaty, bold dishes. This our take on a little known recipe of banana flower stalk (thowr) and alligator weed (locally know as malancha or chenchi shaak).


about the rice

Shatia is a local red rice variety that retains its bran. We only process it partly, so you get double the nutrients. It also retains its shape after cooking , which lends it a delightful bite, perfect to sop up creamy-meaty sides.


slightly nutty




the uncooked grains of Shatia appear reddish-brown and a little on the thicker side


absorption method
time 15-18 minutes

store them until cooking time in a moist-free, dark place in an air-tight jar

what you can cook with

Shatia’s cooked texture makes it good in a bowl of salad. You can use Shatia as table rice as well to go with hearty vegetable dishes like we do.



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin Bankura, West Bengal
processing atap (raw)
medicinal value high in anthocyanin and anti-oxidants.


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