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Sugarcane Jaggery Powder

Sugarcane Jaggery Powder

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The natural alternative to processed white sugar, this one is full of micronutrients and minerals. It has also been advised in Ayurveda to be an   important medium for various formulations.



Jaggery powder is made by cooking out sugarcane juice, unlike white sugar which is prepared by centrifugation. The granular jaggery or powder is formed by rubbing the concentrated juice with wooden scrappers, and then solidifying the granules. Traditionally known as Gur, it is believed to produce body heat and hence, a source of instant energy. The granules have been found to be more suited to weather changes as well, than both the solid jaggery cubes and the liquid variation.


flavour fruity
aroma sweet

sugarcane juice is cooked over a period of time before being turned into granules and solidified

origin Betul, Madhya Pradesh


what you can do with it

You can simply use it as a healthier and beneficial alternative to regular white sugar. Flavour your sweet dishes and also balance the flavour of your savoury meals with this one, made without any preservatives and additives. 

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