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White Mustard Seeds

White Mustard Seeds

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We got inspired by Dave Chang and pickled some white mustard to have a ready condiment for grilled meat or veggies. These little orbs turn into delicious flavour bombs once they are simmered in some rice wine vinegar.


about the spice

White mustard (sada shorshe) is actually yellowish brown in colour and packs less pungency than its darker cousin, the brown/black mustard. Seemingly aroma-less, white mustard releases its pungent, earthy aroma once soaked and ground.


flavour earthy
aroma pungent, sharp


white mustard appears as yellowish brown little grains without any external aroma


store them whole in tight jars, away from sunlight and moisture; use them as per your recipe

what you can cook with

The quintessential Bengali flavour profile is “mustardy”. Ground white mustard can pepper up any citrusy, earthy spice mix. Or you can keep it minimal to let it shine on its own, like we did.


botanical name Brassica alba
origin West Bengal
processing washed and dried
medicinal value

anti-bacterial, diuretic, antifungal


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