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Whole Mung

Whole Mung

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These powerhouse grains are a staple across Asia and can be used in multiple ways. Ours are grown naturally following age-old wisdom with minimal human interference.



Mung is one of the ancient crops, and can be traced back to the Harappan civilization. The consumption and cultivation of Mung later spread throughout Asia, where it has now become an important staple. The versatility of this one can be seen in the myriad ways in which Mung can be used in dishes across culinary cultures. In Bengal, whole mung holds a special place of pride for its nutrients and easy-digestibility. It is a notable ingredient during shitol soshti and saraswati puja wherein it features in the simple and delectable gota seddho.


flavour earthy, nutty
aroma vegetal


whole mung appears as roundish green orbs with a smooth olive green skin

store them in clean and dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight

what you can cook with it

Whole mung is hugely versatile which makes it a traditional ingredient in both sweet and savoury dishes. Sprout some whole mung and throw in stir-fries, salads or morning cereal bowls.


botanical name Vigna radiata
origin North 24 Parganas, West Bengal
processing the seeds are removed from the pods and cleaned and dried


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