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Chola Daal

Chola Daal

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We have tweaked a traditional Sai Bhaji to highlight our chola daal. With vegetables and a flavourful spinach oil, this can be your new favourite pulse recipe.


about the pulse

Chola daal or Chana daal is a staple in India. Made from Bengal gram, the lentils pair well with stews and braises. Considered to be a bit on the richer side, chola daal is usually cooked with bold spices and flavourful additions.


flavour meaty, nutty
aroma toasted


the uncooked lentils are split, round and yellow ochre in colour
storage they keep well in a cool, moisture-free, dark place

what you can cook with it

You can cook the nutrient-dense chola daal in a stew or a soup. Traditionally, it is served as a daal and also paired with browned meat with spices. With root vegetables and spices, chola daal works well too.


botanical name Cicer arietinum
origin West Bengal
processing de-skinned, washed and dried
medicinal value

great source of plant protein, believed to be helpful in diabetes


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