Collection: ANNAJA

What is ANNAJA?
ANNAJA grew out of the intention to offer food which is diversely seasonal, deliberately focussed on ingredients and designed to minimize wastage.
Being seasonal and local have been the backbone of culinary philosophy at ANNAJA; helping us drive the focus on ingredients, which we try to source from known farmers and suppliers who share the same values as us.
Being ingredient-driven also enables us to minimize wastage. We try to reduce trimmings and discards, using them in ferments and pickling, or dehydrating them, making super rich broths or flavourings out of them, and generally having fun with them: a creative process which we immensely enjoy as well.
The cultural aspect of consumption is also crucial for us; that requires us to get involved with the community or geographical location at that specific point in time. Our menu evolves from co-working with diverse communities.

21B, Hindusthan Road
Kolkata - 700029
Landmark: Basanti Devi College, Gariahat
Close to Spencer & B C Sen Jewellers

Tuesday - Sunday
12:00 - 8:00 PM

+91 33 48493948
+91 62908 85174