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Kalonunia Rice Flour

Kalonunia Rice Flour

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We made some mangsh’er pithe with Kalonunia rice flour. The traditional winter delicacy was interpreted our way to celebrate the aman harvest season.



Ground from the aromatic folk rice variety, Kalonunia of Coochbehar, this one retains the characteristic flavour and aroma of the rice. The semi-polished rice results in a slightly grainy flour because of the bran that also helps in retaining the essential fibres.


flavour cooked corn, nutty
aroma sweet




store the powder in an air-tight jar away from direct sunlight and moisture


what you can cook with

Kalonunia rice flour can easily be used as a gluten-free alternative for your bread mixes. It is also a great thickening agent, imparting a subtle sweetness to any slurry. You can also use it in a batter or for traditional dishes that use rice flour.



origin West Bengal
processing raw rice is soaked, sun-dried and pounded


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