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4hands - Sohini × Preetam at Annaja

4hands - Sohini × Preetam at Annaja

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Join us for 4hands Sohini × Preetam at Annaja

A one-time only collab pop-up to mark spring by Sohini and Preetam at Annaja. Expect non-routine flavour combinations, no-holds-barred pairings, and a fish-forward menu featuring seasonal shaaks, vegetables and berries with some indigenous grains celebrating commensality.

The 8 course menu will harness the beauty of Bengal's seasonal, regional produce sourced during early March. Sohini and Preetam both aim to bring their personalities to traditional Bengali dishes. They jointly hope to provide lots of the joy and comfort that stem from eating and discussing cuisine together in a home like setting at Annaja.


Sohini is a Kolkata-born, London-based chef who has been feeding diners at her supper club, Smoke and Lime, since 2018. She highlights home Bengali cooking methods, bringing the wisdom of her ancestors into the present day. Her typical style borrows from pantries across the world - Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Spain, and beyond but staying firmly grounded to her roots in Bengal.

A Comparative Literature slacker, Preetam has worked in the kitchen for the most part of his professional career. His work is heavily motivated by the cultural and social interpretations of food, which shows in the menus that he designs and curates. Currently, at amar khamar and Annaja he is researching on and working with the indigenous ingredients of Bengal and India, food consumption patterns and design, all the while trying to plate mostly edible food-stuff-things.

For this pop-up we are unfortunately unable to accommodate special requests and allergy restrictions for this menu. Limited seats available.

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