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আমের summer - by our guest: Masterchef Dyuti Banerjee

আমের summer - by our guest: Masterchef Dyuti Banerjee

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Join us for 
আমের summer - by our guest: Masterchef Dyuti Banerjee



I was born in a house with five mango trees, five different kinds of aam. My summers were "Aamar Summer", afternoons spent eating mango kulfis, my grandfather used to make painstakingly. Tiny mangoes that fell in the storm would be peeled, chopped, then the makha with tel and lonka, and the shock of the first bite into that sourness. Squishing a mango between both hands till I could suck on it like Mango Frooti. The shuknolonka deftly pulverised into my grandmother's tock'er dal. The aftertaste of her brass thala after swooshing down her doodh aam bhaat makha, with a roshogolla or shondesh muddled in, by her hands, always smelling delicious.

To cooking with mango. Chilli pork with Paka Aam, Kacha Aam in Mangsho, making my own jhaal aamshotto, or a simple Mango Salsa. Mango Sorbet. My Mango Pistachio dessert bars, my juicy dreamy layered cake with fresh Himshagor. My house bereft of the mango trees. Bereft of my grandmother's magical cooking, my grandfather's magical stories. Redolent with too many memories of a fruit that now must be only bought, not plucked or picked up from the ground after stormy nights. No civets to share them with either.

This summer, I bare open my heart, my deepest memories to you through a menu where I reimagine everything yellow, sweet, addictive, sticky about the summers of my childhood.

This menu has one khaas heroine, the aam, in all its mad, mishti magic. And I shall weave you a cinema of flavours around my favourite fruit in the world.

Fun-fact: I share my favourite fruit with none other than Kobi Guru Rabindranath Tagore. And my dessert course is a coincidental tribute.


We are very happy to welcome her as guestchef for amar khamar table at Annaja for a delicious pop-up. 


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