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Aam'er Aachar (tok . jhal . misti)

Aam'er Aachar (tok . jhal . misti)

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Made from the freshest mangoes of the season with an eclectic blend of spices, this aam’er achar is surely going to remind you of home. The jammy consistency is perfect to spooned, licked and spread as you want with the delectable deliciousness from the balance of the spices keeping you going for more. 


flavour spicy . savoury
aroma warm . fruity

reddish-brown in colour with specks of spices


store the aachar in the jar with the lid tightly closed in cool and dark place


how to use it

Pair it with your savory snacks or thin it out to use as a dipping sauce. Also, this goes wonderfully as a palate cleanser at the end of your meal.


origin West Bengal
ingredient raw mango, dried red chilli whole, mustard, black cumin, nutmeg, dried red chilli powder, fennel, cumin, sugar, mustard oil


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