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These dried bits of in-season mangoes are all that you need to keep going till you get the fresh ones, next year. We love how these are delectable and mouth-puckeringly delicious. 


Cured with only salt and left in the sun to do its job, aamshi is another way to consume mangoes year-round. The salt and the drying process makes it practically spoil free, acting as a natural preservative. The mangoes are hand-picked and specially chosen for the purpose, not too sweet-not too sour, then cut into the desired shape, tossed in some salt and left to dry out.


flavour fruit
aroma tangy
appearance store them in our jars, carefully sealing them tight after each use

store the aamsotto in the glass jar, carefully securing the lid and in a dry place


what you can do with it

Traditional wisdom says that aamshi can be used in anything that you will normally do with in-season mangoes. Just hydrate them in some warm water and wash out the excess salt. Chop them up in a chutney, add them to a fish curry, or a flavourful broth to cook any of our rice varieties in. The possibilities are endless.

origin East Midnapore, West Bengal
processing salt-cured, sun-dried


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