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Bhaja Moshla

Bhaja Moshla

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For our bhaja moshla, each spice is individually toasted to its optimal roast level, then coarsely ground together in small batches. This is a “finishing” spice (as opposed to a “cooking” spice), which means that it is meant to be sprinkled right at the end. Use bhaja moshla in chaats such as alu kabli, churmur, phuchka, doi bora, or to add warm, toasty notes to your panchmishali torkari or labra.

Made fresh by hand using Bong Eats’ recipe, just as you would make it at home. No fillers, no hidden ingredients—just good quality spices.

ingredients cumin, fennel, coriander, black peppercorn, dried red chilli, carom seeds, cardamom
processing dark-roasted and coarsely ground


store in air-tight jars, away from direct sunlight and moisture


what you can cook with it

Use bhaja moshla to finish vegetable preparations like labra or kumror chokka, add it to the potato mixture mixture while making phuchka or alur porota, sprinkle it on top of chaats like churmur, alu kabli, doi bora, or ghugni, or even a plain raita! 


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