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We used this indigenous rice variety in our version of maachher tel’er chorchori, using the fish guts/ maach’er tel (visceral fat, liver and intestine) which become tenderly smooth and buttery when grilled, paired with some smooth burnt aubergine and pumpkin puree; finished with some fresh scallions.


about the rice

Chamarmani is one of the better known regular varieties consumed mostly as a siddha (parboiled) rice, from the south Bengal region. It is quite tolerant of salinity and high water levels, withstanding almost a foot of water from the ground. The harvest cycle is of, approximately, 144 days and the straws left after sowing are one of the most useful among those gathered from other rice varieties.


taste earthy




the uncooked grains are medium in length and slightly on the thicker side


absorption method
time 12-15 minutes

store it in a dark place, so that it does not attract moisture, and away from direct sunlight


what you can cook with

As a table rice, Chamarmani is quite versatile. It goes easily with any meal of the day and is quite filling owing to a deep, rich, earthy flavour. We like to have it with some simple dishes devoid of overwhelming spices.



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin Sundarbans, West Bengal
processing siddha (parboiled)


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