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Clove from Kerala

Clove from Kerala

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Cultivated mainly in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and parts of Africa and Asia, clove is one of the prime components of various spice mixes, including Indian garam masala and Chinese five spice mix. What we know as clove is actually the dried flower bud of the clove tree which belongs to the myrtle family. Traditional ethno-botany mentions clove as a remedy for tooth and gum-related problems as well.


flavour woody, spicy
aroma warm, minty
appearance cloves appear as black dried buds of flowers with a slender stalk and a roundish bud on top


store them in air-tight, preferably, glass jars away from direct sunlight and moisture

what you can cook with it

You can use them ground or whole in rub mixes or in pickle brines. If using whole, however, infusion is necessary to fully release the flavour of cloves. However, as with other warming spices, use clove sparingly as otherwise it can be overpowering and somewhat numbingly minty.

botanical name Syzygium aromaticum
origin Kerala
processing buds are sun-dried and packed


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