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Coriander from West Bengal

Coriander from West Bengal

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This inspired peanut/groundnut stew uses a generous sprinkling of crushed coriander. The wholesome dish is mellowed by the citrusy kick of lightly toasted coriander seeds.

about the spice

One of the oldest known spices, coriander seeds are actually fruits; the outer husk housing two seeds inside. Native to Mediterranean and grown in parts of India, coriander is an important part of Indian, West and South African as well as Mediterranean cuisines.


flavour floral, citrusy
aroma woody, sweet
appearance the fruits are small and greenish-brown/yellow in color. Finely ground powder of coriander maintains its aroma for 3-4 months


store them in air-tight, preferably, glass jars away from direct sunlight and moisture

what you can cook with it

Toasting whole coriander to a deeper shade of brown is important to release flavor. Use it with chunky vegetables and pork or chicken in thick stews.

botanical name Coriandrum sativum
origin Nadia, West Bengal
processing fruits are plucked before fully ripe and dried

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