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We have a sweet with Daadshaal, the subtle aroma of which complements the summer mango in a dalle khursani chili oil. The hint of nutty-sweet and the bold texture of the rice grains layers with the creaminess of the overall dish.


about the rice

This little known aromatic rice variety is native to the saline lands of Sundarban. Known for its high salt and water tolerance level, Daadshaal is round and stubby. Along with other aromatic folk rice varieties grown in West Bengal, Daadshaal forms an important part of the economy of Sundarbans.

flavour nutty




the uncooked grains are round and thick with a dirty-white colour


absorption method
time 8-10 minutes

store it in an air-tight jar to retain the aroma in cool, dry, dark place

what you can cook with

Daadshaal is suitable for frequent consumption as a table rice. We liked it in a sweet rice porridge which takes up a good amount of added flavours. You can try Daadshaal with simple broths and curries to enjoy a wholesome meal.



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin West Bengal
processing atap (non-parboiled)


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