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Ghee from N 24-Parganas

Ghee from N 24-Parganas

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This one is an example of subtlety and good old traditional Bengalee cookery masterclass. Sweet in aroma and subtly milky in flavour, our Ghee from North 24 Parganas is best had with a bowl of warm, steamy rice with some green chilies for company. Or drizzle some tempered ghee over your daal or vegetables. 


about the ghee

This particular ghee differs from our other two varieties in its subtlety. Made from carefully stored cream of desi cow milk, it is cooked till a rich caramelisation is reached and processed the traditional household way, this one is full of creaminess and smooth on the palate. It retains the milkiness in flavour with a hint of nuttiness that comes from the clarification process.


flavour milky
aroma sweet
appearance It appears as light yellow and has a slight grainy texture.


Once the jar is opened, keep the lid tightly on and store them away from moisture.
origin North 24 Parganas, West Bengal
processing made from desi cow milk

what you can cook with it

Because of its subtlety in flavour, we like it simply drizzled over hot meals just before serving. You can also use it as a last-minute tempering for your vegetable dishes, spiking it with whole spices.

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