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Green Cardamom

Green Cardamom

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Green cardamom lends its distinct citrus, almost-menthol like flavour to a great fish rub that can also be sprinkled over a pilaf, like here as we did.

about the spice

The better known and more used of the cardamom varieties, green cardamom is a long used Indian spice. Native to the southern states of India and cultivated majorly in Guatemala, green cardamom features in various cuisines. In Bengal, it is an important feature in savoury as well as sweet dishes.


flavour minty, peppery, citrusy
aroma herbal, floral
appearance whole green cardamom comes in green pods housing roundish small seeds. While the pods are responsible for the aroma, the menthol-like flavour is mainly packed in the seeds


use it freshly ground and store the whole pods in air-tight jars away from direct sunlight and moisture

what you can cook with it

Green cardamom features in most of Indian spice mixes that go in beverages (masala chai), sweets as well as in meat or fish dishes. Give your simple, plain rice an instant flavour-up by sprinkling some lightly-toasted and freshly-crushed green cardamoms.

botanical name

Elettaria cardamomum

origin Darjeeling, West Bengal
processing dried


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