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Kerala Sundari

Kerala Sundari

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One of our thicker rice varieties, here, has been paired with a traditional fulkopi diye maach’er kaliya recipe. The thick, slightly sweet Kerala Sundari cuts through the rich sauce of a traditional maach’er kaliya.


about the rice

An intriguing name apart, Kerala Sundari has a slightly chewy and mellow bite that makes it perfect for rich sauce-based sides. This hardy folk rice variety is flood-tolerant and high-yielding. Traditionally used for making puffed rice, Kerala Sundari also makes for good table rice suitable for frequent consumption.


flavour sulphur, hay-like



the uncooked grains appear short and stubby with little white dots in the bottom end


store this rice in air-tight containers with lids in a cool place away from moisture


absorption method
time 15-20 minutes

what you can cook with it

Because of its bold, chewy texture, Kerala Sundari can be had as a good table rice for rich stews and spiced sauces. Try it for a different mouth-feel and texture of rice from regular fine rice varieties.



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin West Bengal
processing siddha (parboiled)


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