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Khoi from Kanakchur

Khoi from Kanakchur

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This bowl of khoi is light and mellow on the palate and heavy on the aroma and flavour. Made from the famed Kanakchur this one is a superstar in its own right.


Khoi or Popped Rice is traditionally made from unhusked rice grains, by hot sand frying. Making Kanakachur khoi requires double the skilled craftsmanship simply because the rice variety itself is extremely tender. For the same reason individual husks, after being popped, need to be removed manually. The aroma and flavour combined with this painstaking task make it the one of the premium products of Bengal.


flavour butter, popcorn


processing hot sand frying


store them air-tight and in places away from moisture
origin North 24 Parganas, West Bengal

what you can cook with it

Kanakchur khoi is traditionally used to make the legendary Bengalee winter delicacy Joynogor’er Mowa. You can simply combine it with our khejur gur to find out what we are talking about. Throw it along with our Muri to top a salad for a slightly different variation of a traditional flavour.



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