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Kolai Daal Bori

Kolai Daal Bori

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In this classic lau (Calabash) dish, bori adds a bit of texture and a whole lot of character. It also imparts a subtly savoury flavour dimension to the sweeter notes in the dish.

about our bori

Bori (the loose translation: dried lentil dumplings does not do justice) is as traditional as it gets. Made from soaked, pounded, shaped, dropped and dried lentils, these are labours of love and of good leisure.


flavour nutty, toasted
aroma slightly sour
appearance bori appears as round, dried dumplings


keep it away from moisture and in an air-tight jar

what you can cook with it

Bori needs to be fried before putting in to use: the slight sourness and bitterness gives way to a gentle nuttiness. Crush them after frying lightly, and sprinkle on soft vegetables, light fish stews or even mixed grain salads.

origin West Bengal
processing handmade, sun-dried 


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