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Apis Indica Litchi Honey

Apis Indica Litchi Honey

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This one has been used in a Diwali inspired classic: Balushahi. The traditional Diwali sweet has been lightly brushed with our litchi honey, filled with sesame-honey paste and covered with a honey fudge; topped with a sliver of almond acting as a candle wick. 


about the honey

Apis cerana indica has been described as docile, mild, tolerant and timid with a gentle temperament and relatively low stinging tendency. However, it does sting when cornered or disturbed. It is a cavity-nesting honey bee that nests in all habitats (including rainforest as well as highly disturbed areas such as human settlements) except where it co-occurs with another cavity-nesting honey bee species. In those areas it prefers disturbed habitats. Apis cerana indica forages mostly within one kilometre of the hive. These unique characteristics make it quite favourable for locally produced honey in a considerably safer and sustainable way. 

The honey collected from the hives comes from litchi plantations and is light amber and distinctly sweet in aroma with a floral-fruity flavour. 


flavour fruity, floral
aroma sweet
appearance light amber to amber


store the opened jar in a dark, moist-free place away from direct sunlight. If the temperature drops a bit, the honey might crystallize, which is normal; gentle heat will bring it back to a more liquidy consistency

what you can cook with it

You can use it as a natural substitute for processed sugar in regular dishes including sweets and desserts. It works as a glaze as well for savoury recipes that call for a sticky condiment or sauce. 

origin West Bengal
medicinal value natural source of raw sugar, antioxidant, lower glycemic index than processed sugar


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