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Basanta Alap by Masterchef Dyuti at Annaja

Basanta Alap by Masterchef Dyuti at Annaja

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Join us for Masterchef Dyuti 'Energy' Banerjee at Annaja

This Basanta, join us for a very special Alap, as we come together to celebrate the transient beauty of Spring, a season of blossoms, rejuvenation and fresh beginnings.

We celebrate Bengal's own bounties, through a menu curated with a lot of heart and thought by Dyuti 'Energy' Banerjee, MasterChef India Season 7 contestant.

Expect the unexpected, in this non-conformist ten-course elaborate Spring Whimsy menu, which is true to the spirit of a Bengali bhoj, but goes way beyond just that in form.

The course starts with a customary tettow (bitters), moving on to a soup, appetizers, palate cleansers, freshwater fish, mangsho, a fermented brew, and pre-dessert, dessert and a tongue-tantalizer at the end.

It is a mischievous menu, a dushtu-mishti and slightly khyapa menu, sure to engage your tastebuds and your braincells alike, on the short journey that Spring is, into newer realisations, some youthful abandon, and plenty of hope.


Dyuti is a lover of literature turned lawyer turned chef, who teaches when she's not cooking. And when she cooks, she cannot help, thanks to the literature and law bugs, interpreting food. She reads and makes food in ways to dig into social, cultural, political norms, often turning them on their heads, or finding strange connections, where seemingly there maybe none.

She calls herself an artist of flavours, because the kitchen is where she creates, and thrives. Her escapades with fire and flavours landed her up in MasterChef India Season 7, but she believes her journey with food has only just begun, and she hopes she can, on this beautiful adventure, bring literally food for thought on everyone's table.

We are very happy to welcome her at Annaja for a delicious pop-up. 

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