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Mustard Honey

Mustard Honey

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This is a simple autumn-inspired salad that celebrates seasonality and our zingy mustard honey. Grilled Jicama (shaak-alu) is tossed with pepita (pumpkin seeds), carrot, tomatoes and gondhoraj lebu pata in mustard honey vinaigrette. 


about the honey

Our mustard honey is sourced from our local beekeepers at Sundarbans. Being mono-floral, mustard honey retains the familiar hint of mustard from the mustard blossoms.


flavour peppery, fruity
aroma caramel
appearance the colour varies from deep to medium amber-brown


store the opened jar in a dark, moist-free place away from direct sunlight. If the temperature drops a bit, the honey might crystallize, which is normal; gentle heat will bring it back to a more liquidy consistency

what you can cook with it

Mustard honey pairs well with fresh salads and a light drizzle on your breakfast porridge. You can try it out in a soothing summer drink as well.

origin West Bengal
medicinal value

great alternative to processed table sugar, helpful in maintaining blood sugar levels


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