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Celery Seeds - Radhuni from West Bengal

Celery Seeds - Radhuni from West Bengal

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We used our Radhuni to make shukto and have paired it with our earthy Mohansal, a slender, siddha (parboiled) rice variety. Known in Bengal as radhuni, it plays an often understated role in complex flavour combinations.

about the spice

Celery seeds are not from the same plant as the regular cultivated, cooking celery stalks; rather they come from wild celery having more in common with parsley. Traditionally used as celery salt in Bloody Mary cocktail or as tempering in Bengali vegetarian cuisine, celery seeds can add quite a punch with their strong herbaceous, earthy flavor.


flavour woody, herbaceous
aroma citrusy, bitter
appearance the seeds are ridged and brown in colour, up to 5mm in length


store them in a cool, dark and moist-free place

what you can cook with it

As noted before, celery seeds go well with a range of recipes. You can spice up your beverages or fish soups or add it your egg salad. However, use it prudently and as seasoning, since celery seeds can be overpowering. We like to mix and match to have a spice blend that plays with the earthy, herby and woody flavor of celery seeds

botanical name Apium graveolens
origin Nadia

washed and dried

medicinal value

believed to aid in digestion, helps in flu, diuretic


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