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Red-White Dudhersar

Red-White Dudhersar

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We certainly do like red-white dudhersar with our fish. Even for the official second day of the Puja, we could not just let go of the idea of having it with some fatty hunk of katla peti, prepared in the style of a rib and with a shorshe-posto sauce.


about the rice

Red-white Dudhersar is a specific variety of Dudhersar. The red bran is visible in some of the grains while others have the regular yellowish-brown bran. Both the grains come from the same plant.


flavour slightly nutty



the grains are slim in appearance with a fine texture; with a mixed red-white colour, as is evident from the name


store this rice in air-tight containers with lids in a cool place away from moisture


absorption method
time 20-25 minutes

what you can cook with it

Use red-white Dudhersar in place of regular siddha rice. The bold flavour with a hint of nuttiness pairs with almost anything; our preference is, however, with a fatty piece of Katla.



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin West Bengal
processing siddha (parboiled)


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