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Sundarbans Honey

Sundarbans Honey

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This gorgeous hunk of pork gets a generous smearing of our wild honey from the Sundarbans. The mellow caramel flavour complements the salty, fatty belly in a sticky goodness mess.


about the honey

Sundarbans Honey is our prime wild variety that demands a certain amount of understanding of the livelihood of the people who risk their lives everyday to bring you the best. Moulis or indigenous local honey-collectors venture deep into the forest to collect and store the best that nature has to offer. The honey accumulated by the wild honeybees (Apis dorsata) is harvested following a laborious and time-consuming process. What you taste is a fruit of labour, wisdom, risk and the terroir of Sundarbans.


flavour woody, caramel
aroma earthy, floral
appearance Sundarbans Honey is deep-amber in colour.


store the opened jar in a dark, moist-free place away from direct sunlight. If the temperature drops a bit, the honey might crystallize, which is normal; gentle heat will bring it back to a more liquidy consistency

what you can cook with it

Sundarban honey is characteristically forgiving: pair it in a salad, morning smoothie or tea. Our favourite though is a good smear on a fatty piece of fresh meat in a marinade.

origin Sundarbans, West Bengal
medicinal value natural source of raw sugar, antioxidant, lower glycemic index than processed sugar


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