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Taal Gur from Bengal

Taal Gur from Bengal

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These crumbly candies reminiscent of Bangladeshi kotkoti are a cross between fudge and honeycomb with flakes of pink salt. Made from taal gur these can quite sneakily replace your regular power bars. The subtle fruitiness of the gur marries well with almost any ingredient to lend that delicate sweetness.


about the gur

As the name suggests, this one is processed from the sap of Palmyra Palm trees and is known for its subtlety. It does not overpower the main flavour when added to any sweet dish, all the while maintaining its own character. You can verily stock up on this and guiltlessly use it in place of refined sugar.


flavour subtly fruity
aroma sweet, toasted
processing the sap from the tree is tempered to a specific consistency
origin North 24 Parganas, West Bengal


what you can do with it

You can use it in place of regular sugar and have it in your morning cereals or use it as a sweetener for chutneys or dips. Being lower in glycemic index and rich in micronutrients, popular wisdom tells us that it is certainly better than refined sugar: drizzle it, smear it or use it as a dip, you can use it in any way you like.

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