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Tulaipanji atap

Tulaipanji atap

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Gather around your close ones for a hearty lunch. Our recommendation for the day, Tulaipanji atap with Bengali-style mutton-and-potato curry. The subtly fragrant rice pairs delightfully well with the lightly spiced mutton and pillowy potatoes.


about the rice

Tulaipanji is rightly one of the better known folk rice varieties of Bengal, so much so that it has earned itself a GI tag. The aromatic rice variety is slender, firm with a good bite and delightfully mellow. Apart from its flavoursome characteristics, Tulaipanji is much appreciated for its pest resistance.

taste buttery, popcorn



the uncooked grains are short-medium with fine texture and slender in appearance. Once cooked, it produces firm, white, non-sticky rice


absorption method
time 8-10 minutes

store them in air-tight jars away from direct sunlight and moisture


what you can cook with

Designated as ‘non-Basmati’ aromatic rice variety, Tulaipanji fairs well in special occasion recipes including pilafs, Biryani and this tahchin. You can also use it as an alternative occasional table rice.



botanical name Oryza sativa
origin North Dinajpur, West Bengal
processing atap (non-parboiled)


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