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Black Pepper

Black Pepper

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This simple toss-up of pomelo and lightly crushed black pepper is equal parts nostalgia and flavour-bomb. The mild citrus pairs delightfully with the pungent-woody pepper.

about the spice

Native to the southern part of India, black pepper has seen an illustrious history. Travelling from India to Europe, it forms part of the basic seasoning duo. Such had been the importance of black pepper that it was used as currency in the Middle Ages, later intriguing a certain Vasco de Gama to set sail in search of it.


flavour pungent, hot
aroma citrusy, woody
appearance whole black peppercorns are brownish-black with a wrinkly outer layer. It can be ground to a fine powder or lightly crushed depending on how it is used.


store them in air-tight, preferably, glass jars away from direct sunlight and moisture.

what you can cook with it

As a part of basic seasoning use it along with salt in any savoury dish. Try it with vanilla ice-cream for a not-so-used pairing or toss it up in a simple fruit salad.

botanical name Piper nigrum
origin Darjeeling, West Bengal
processing under-ripe berries are dried with their outer layer intact


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