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Dalle in Brine

Dalle in Brine

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This dish is as perfect as it gets to being the simplest and wholesomely heartwarming. A bowl of steaming rice, a spoon of our Kalimpong ghee and one dalle (or two or more at your own risk) with just some of the brine: simple winter meal in a bowl.



Dalle Khursani belongs to Capsicum annuum. It is mostly grown in Sikkim and its surrounding regions like Darjeeling for its deliciously hot fruits. With a Scoville rating of 100,000 to 350,000 SHU, it belongs to the family of one of the hottest chili peppers in the world. This special pepper native to Sikkim was rightfully awarded a GI tag. 

We have bottled them following the traditional recipe of dry-brining, used in the hills of North Bengal and fermented them just right so that the fruitiness and pungency balance each other delicately.


flavour fruity, sharp
aroma sweet, fruity


store them in the jar with the lid on in the fridge to have them slowly fermented over time

what you can cook with it

Use them as you want in between your sandwiches or chopped up in a salad with some of the bring. Try to figure out your level of  heat tolerance before attempting to use them, though. You can also make some hot sauces, acars or even chutneys; use them as a balancing flavour component in sweet jams or anything in between.

botanical name belonging to Capsicum annuum
origin Darjeeling, West Bengal
processing fresh plucked and dry-brined


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