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Dried Red Chilli

Dried Red Chilli

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Bitter-sweet always needs some chilli kick. Dark chocolate and chilli has been both a traditional as well as a bold flavour pairing. Next time you work with dark chocolate add a pinch of coarse or finely ground chilli.

about the spice

The story of introduction of chilli in India by the Portuguese traders is well-known and so is the love affair. From simple roasted gota shukno lonka in alu-bhaat’e to the fiery red laal mnaas, red chilli and mainstream Indian cuisine has been quite a match. Depending on varieties, the heat, pungency and fruity notes vary.


flavour earthy, pungent
aroma fruity
appearance whole red chillies for spice appear crinkled and dried with colour varying from crimson to deep-red to reddish-black


store them in air-tight, preferably, glass jars away from direct sunlight and moisture

what you can cook with it

Ground red chili loses its fruity aromatic compounds and used mainly for heat in most savoury recipes. Sprinkle some on fruit salads or anything with dark chocolate for a zingy kick. Use whole red chili after broiling and roughly chopped in regular mashed potato.

botanical name Capsicum annuum; different varieties
origin West Bengal

fully ripe, red fruits (berries) are plucked and dried


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